More efficient together

Cloud vendors

Cloudaware has strategic partnerships with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, and is listed on their respective marketplaces:

Subscribing to Cloudaware on the marketplaces, customers facilitate procurement processes and extend their cloud management experience.

New Relic

Cloudaware and New Relic innovate to deliver ITIL operations and observability platform for modern digital infrastructure operations. Cloudaware integrates its Service Catalog and Change Register with New Relic expertise in observability. The integrated framework ensures meaningful and real-time business impact analysis in such ITIL practices as Problem, Performance, and Availability Management. Using this framework, SRE teams associate performance and availability changes with deployments in Cloudaware Change Register. As a result, enterprises can address service performance degradation faster to minimize business impact.



Cloudaware partners with PagerDuty to integrate its digital infrastructure asset management with PagerDuty AIOps and incident management. Cloudaware leverages its Service Catalog to contextualize PageDuty incidents. Using contextualized alerts, SRE teams can pinpoint impacted resources and degraded applications faster, improving incident response time. Our integrated solution enables customers to align incident management processes in accordance with ITIL best practices.



Cloudaware partners with Salesforce to provide a reliable and customizable platform built on the engine. As an ISV partner, Cloudaware can provision Salesforce user licenses to customers utilizing Salesforce CRM services at an advantageous price.