About Us

Our story

Cloudaware LLC was founded in 2011.

Cloudaware provides a software-defined ITIL-based framework for digital infrastructure management. The world's largest cloud consumers adopt our Integrated Cloud Service Management platform to streamline daily cloud operations.

Cloudaware has a strategic partnership with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. As the advanced technology partner, Cloudaware supports new services and features prior to general availability. We keep up with the rapidly innovating cloud industry by releasing new functionalities on a regular basis.

Cloudaware partners with New Relic and PagerDuty. By integrating our Asset Management and Resiliency Optimization with partner-enabled technologies, we help customers achieve operational excellence in modern self-service environments.


We continuously improve our services to ensure secure and business-aligned management of digital infrastructures. As a result, many features make it to the Cloudaware roadmap every quarter, and our customers request 85% of them.

Customers choose us for our steadfast commitment to building trust and long-term collaboration. Customer feedback and vision enable us to enhance our product and improve user experience.

Our team is highly-trained, creative and eager to evolve. Cloudaware welcomes both newcomers in IT and experienced professionals willing to share their knowledge. We respect the core principles of diversity by providing equal conditions for all and appreciating each other's ideas, commitment, and contributions.