Audit Сompliance
Unburden SecOps from unnecessary load by improving compliance assessment processes
benefits icon Free your SecOps from repetitive work
benefits icon Compare the remediation time across teams
benefits icon Expedite compliance assessment with 1-click report
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Free your SecOps from repetitive work

Automate compliance violations routing to reduce load on cloud SecOps and plan remediation activities. Leverage Cloudaware CMDB data to enrich alerts in your existing integrations with PagerDuty, New Relic, Jira, and get the complete picture.

  • Route compliance violations directly to application-specific teams to improve your remediation management
  • Assign and escalate remediation tasks to the most appropriate teams and individual users
  • Explore ways of prioritization and exemption handling for specific violations


Compare the remediation time across teams

Identify compliance leaders and laggards among application teams using pre-defined metrics, such as MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve).

  • View how well your teams are dealing with remediation activities
  • Provide out-of-the-box remediation instructions to responsible users
  • Track teams' progress in fixing violations over time



Learn how to identify spending waste and security holes with 550+ policies. Use workflow templates to route, escalate and fix fast.

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Expedite compliance assessment with 1-click report

Analyze your organization's compliance on demand and as frequently as required using a rich library of compliance policies and industry benchmarks available by default.

  • Discover over 550+ ready-to-use policies specific to your business needs or create ones of your own from scratch
  • Play on customizable and interactive dashboards to get a more granular view of your compliance
  • Pass audits faster


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