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React to important changes

Cloud environments experience many changes every day. Getting stuck in tons of approval requests for minor changes is unproductive. Cloudaware streamlines change management by pre-approving specific changes to keep it simple and agile. Using Cloudaware approval workflows, initiate business processes to address only changes you need to act on.

  • Approve changes for a specific time period
  • Route approval requests to designated approvers based on account id, user group, etc
  • Handle change events using email, Slack, Jira, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, etc


Control configuration drift

As companies evolve, their IT configurations become more complicated. With time, due to infrastructure and staff turnover, it becomes increasingly more difficult to understand why certain configurations are in place. Using Cloudaware approval processes, IT managers can create audit records and configuration baselines to limit configuration drift and increase operational excellence.

  • Increase transparency of what changed, when and by whom
  • Document changes for internal review and cleanup
  • Demonstrate the evidence that the change review process is in place to auditors



Ad Hoc Change Management image

Ad Hoc Change Management

  • Only most critical changes are discussed
  • Suitable for small teams and startups
  • No dedicated process owners
  • Infrastracture is completely discarded periodically

Distributed Change Management image

Distributed Change Management

  • Suitable for datacenter and non-cloud environments
  • Application owners submit some changes for review
  • No process in place to detect configuration drift
  • Application owners share process responsibility

Classic Change Management image

Classic Change Management

  • All changes go through review prior to implementation
  • Once changes are approved they remain in place permanently
  • Change management team reviews all changes
  • Depends on manual audits to detection misconfigurations

Agile Change Management image

Agile Change Management

  • Cloudaware selects important changes needing approval
  • Time-based approvals
  • Dynamic Approval Request Routing
  • Configuration Drift Detection and Baselining

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