Cost Analysis
Align cloud spend with business decisions
benefits icon Control costs of your applications and services
benefits icon Optimize your spend
benefits icon Project your cloud budget
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Control costs of your applications and services

Take a closer look into how much business applications and services cost you to operate in order to manage your cloud spending better.

  • Achieve cross-cloud cost transparency to allocate spending proportionally to business value
  • Check costs broken down by application, environment, line of business, and other dimensions
  • Share informative chargeback reports and dashboards with stakeholders



Cloudaware automatically discovers billing files. Using native cloud provider tools, Cloudaware exports and processes large amounts of billing data transforming information into interactive and informative FinOps dashboards.

Increase cost efficiency


Optimize your spend

Explore your options to economize based on complete visibility and saving opportunities offered by cloud platforms.

  • Identify underutilized or idle resources to reduce waste
  • Calculate your RI utilization to negotiate the best rates with cloud providers
  • Save even more with rightsizing recommendations


Project your cloud budget

Know what to expect using forecasting capability and overusage alerts to successfully plan your organization's budget for the next year.

  • Keep track of your spending historically to evaluate trends
  • Get accurate forecasts to properly plan your spending
  • Prevent unplanned expenses using billing anomalies and spikes detection


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