Resiliency Optimization
Identify weak points in services infrastructure to improve resiliency
benefits icon Be aware of infrastructure weak points
benefits icon Faster incident response
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Be aware of infrastructure weak points

Cloudaware automatically detects dependencies between applications, business units, and cloud services to identify a single point of failure in a cloud environment. Awareness of weak points helps to create a robust recovery model.

  • Cloudaware virtual applications group cloud resources based on tags, naming сonvention and custom logic
  • Auto-attachment processes facilitate resource grouping by specific department or environment
  • The resiliency dashboard shows dependencies on cloud services across regions


Faster incident response

When a cloud provider service goes down, Cloudaware immediately detects the affected application. Powerful workflows route incidents to responsible teams helping to restore critical business services faster.

  • Enrich alerts with CMDB data such as applicaton name and tier
  • Cloudaware discovers and associates third-party incidents to CMDB applications
  • Initiate incident creation to ITSM tools like Jira, Rally and ServiceNow



Fault tolerance assessment for your enterprise portfolio



Group assets into applications by:

  • Tag
  • Name
  • Custom logic

Organize your data


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