Managed DevOps fabric with industrial-grade plugins for faster deployment
benefits icon Single tool for DevOps
benefits icon Enhance CMDB with OS-level data
benefits icon Track software adoption, consumption and usage
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Single tool for DevOps

Breeze is a discovery and configuration management agent that streams OS-level data to Cloudaware CMDB and enables such Cloudaware subscription services as Intrusion Detection (IDS), Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management. These modes make Breeze a powerful DevOps platform allowing customers to extend CMDB visibility and even deploy their own services to Breeze-enabled hosts.

Enhance CMDB with OS-level data

Сloud provider APIs do not expose access to OS-level data which is essential for executing key governance and management processes. Breeze is a lightweight solution that gathers OS-level telemetry, such as facts, services, users, packages, and other information about the host, streaming it into CMDB in real time. Using OS-level data in CMDB, operations teams can create compliance workflows and management reports. In addition, Breeze facts are indispensable during troubleshooting. Access to Breeze data allows operations teams to pinpoint undesired or incompatible changes after concurrent deployments. Operations teams will be able to achieve a higher percentage of successful implementations and spend less time troubleshooting with OS-level Breeze data.


Track software adoption, consumption and usage

In order to maintain a secure posture, organizations have to keep their software installations up-to-date with the latest patches. Breeze discovers software installation data such as vendor, state, and version. Operations teams query the software asset management (SAM) data to detect missing and outdated agent installations. The SAM data is also relevant for tracking license consumption. When software manufacturers disclose vulnerabilities, SecOps will reference SAM data in CMDB to identify vulnerable hosts.



Cloudaware designed and implemented a set of secure controls for Breeze architecture.

Why Breeze?


Rapid deployment using Breeze plugins

Breeze is designed to ensure fast and seamless deployment of such Cloudaware technologies as vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, log management, monitoring and patching. Using just one agent, customers who look for a full-fledged security solution can massively and scalably enable all desired security features in their environment.


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