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Cloudaware CMDB is the single point of truth for multi-cloud environments. Using API, CMDB discovers and gathers data from multiple sources. Explore 50+ integrations to gain complete visibility. Cloudaware also enriches the collected data. Every CI has cloud data combined with information from a vulnerability scanner and Jira. By presenting such diverse data, Cloudaware CMDB provides complete visibility across the entire infrastructure to improve cloud governance.

CMDB Navigator provides a centralized view into complex multi-cloud environments, organizing providers, services, and regions in one place. The Navigator leverages native cloud taxonomy to offer a uniform user experience regardless of the cloud vendor. Users can traverse application dependencies across cloud domains and products. CMDB Search identifies assets across all CI types by Name, ID, IP address, or any other attribute.



Get aligned with enterprise tagging policy fixing inconsistent spelling, missing tags and untagged assets in Cloudaware Tag Analyzer.

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Virtual App Builder

Cloudaware Virtual Apps Builder streamlines asset management and optimizes impact assessment by grouping infrastructure resources into environment tiers. App owners utilize auto-attachment workflows based on a naming convention, tags, or custom logic. Virtual applications support cascading attachments that simplify resource grouping and ensure there are no orphaned resources that do not belong to any application.



Select changes to track, use intelligent automation rules to assign change requests to designated approvers, and document changes for audit purposes.

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