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Cloudaware Platform leverages PaaS capabilities allowing customers to discover their infrastructure, increase awareness of assets and business processes, and drive action from these insights. The diversity of data operated by the platform and the variety of built-in capabilities to interact efficiently provide a highly customized experience.

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Our customers are the world's largest consumers and providers of cloud services who value scale and speed. The Cloudaware Platform ensures low latency for search and query transactions, enabling engineers to support their ideas with accurate data and drive continuous improvements in cloud operations. Cloudaware ownership and operations are low maintenance because the platform scales autonomously.

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We designed Cloudaware from day one to enable our customers to extend the data model, import their own data and deploy workflows in minutes. Client organizations can leverage their existing talent pool. Salesforce developers, engineers and administrators can customize and support Cloudaware with minimal or no additional training.


Cloudaware leverages the powerful, scalable, and secure platform for continuous application development and deployment. Cloudaware incorporates security into its platform development processes at all stages.

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Cloudaware is deployed on top of an instance of All data is processed and stored inside Salesforce’s application engine. We preconfigure our Salesforce instances to meet the most strict security requirements. Auditing, end-to-end encryption, MFA, and least privilege access control model are enabled out of the box. All security controls are available here.

All customer data is stored and processed on Salesforce infrastructure that meets the following compliance regulations.

API developers

Our platform provides tools, APIs, and resources to help you innovate with Cloudaware. Deliver customized experiences, integrate with your IT systems, and give your users a 360-degree view of your infrastructure, security posture and cloud spending. Learn more


Enhance the value of Cloudaware CMDB implementation by adding data from multiple sources. Your data sources work as one.

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Our Platform Capabilities

  • Multi-Cloud Asset Discovery Collector
  • CMDB Integrations Collector
  • CMDB Navigator
  • Multi-Cloud Data Model
  • Multi-Sourced Data Correlation (SPOT)
  • CMDB Search
  • Multi-Cloud Tag Management
  • Real-Time Change Detection
  • Infrastructure Configuration Versioning

  • Cloud Analytics Applications
  • Automated Dependency Mapping
  • Automated Resource Grouping
  • Approval Workflows
  • Escalation Workflows
  • Software Asset Management
  • Impact Assessment
  • No-Throttle Architecture
  • Cloudaware Application Launcher

Salesforce Capabilities

  • Custom Objects
  • MFA
  • SAML and OAuth
  • CLI and API Access
  • RBAC Data Model
  • Auditing
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Compliant Computing Environment
  • Highly Resilient Infrastructure
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Workflow Engine
  • Approval Workflows
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Formula Fields
  • Batch Import/Export
  • Webhooks