Low-code automation for cloud infrastructure


Workflows enhance the value of CMDB by allowing users to initiate automated actions when specific criteria are met. Using a simple point-and-click user interface, without any programming, users can pre-define customized workflows to execute infrastructure governance processes. Cloudaware workflows are applicable in a wide variety of IT

governance processes, ranging from Capacity Management and Budget to Incident Handling and Cybersecurity. Hundreds of active workflows run concurrently, providing continuous automation. By leveraging Cloudaware workflows, organizations reduce manual work and scale with ever-growing cloud adoption.



No-code image

No code

Simple low-key UI to let you play around with no programming skills required.

Time-conditioned-actions image

Time-conditioned actions

Set up a sequence for workflow actions according to your business logic.

Multi-source-triggers image

Multi-source triggers

Trigger workflows using data from supported integrations.

Use cases


Problem: Expired certificate causes business disruption Solution: Create a time-based workflow that will notify you to update the certificate 30 days prior to the expiration

Asset: AСM Certificate Criteria: Expiration Date < 30 from Current Date Action: Send an email and create a Jira ticket

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Cloudaware workflows support email, chat and webhook notifications to create incidents in external integrations such as Slack, PagerDuty, Jira, Rally Notification, ServiceNow, serverless, and more.